Ampeggio Monobloc Amps (Black Edition)

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Ampeggio Monobloc Amps (Black Edition)


Our Monoblocks return in 2019 as The Black Edition

Our fourth revision of this acclaimed set of amps continues the tradition of pin-drop quiet noise floors and hand-crafted circuit designs. The sonic backgrounds are just as pitch black as the new two-tier aluminum shroud that protects the sensitive tubes and circuitry.


Most Voxativ loudspeakers do not need much more than two watts of amplification to really sing. Remember, the average Voxativ loudspeaker has a minimum efficiency of 100dB. The 30 single-ended watts of these monobloc amplifiers can fill a concert hall and still sound gigantic.

Most amplifiers on the market are not made with low enough noise/hum levels to effectively drive our loudspeakers. This new revision to the amp circuitry is absolutely quiet and especially tuned for the needs of our high-efficiency full-range/wideband drivers.

This level of quiet -- pure black in both name and sound -- can only be realized by a clever new circuit design from the mind of Voxativ’s chief electronics engineer.

In addition to this new quiet design, the relaunched version for 2019 will also sport smooth sounding output transformers and chokes that are specially manufactured by Voxativ. Furthermore all wiring is now silver, tube heating is DC, the interior and exterior binding posts are cast from pure copper.

This new Black Edition to the Voxativ family was born in Berlin Germany.



Frequency Response

20 - 20.000 Hz                              

Signal to Noise Ratio
95 dB

1 %

1 x 805, 1 x KT66, 1x ECC83

Input Sensitivity 
820 mV

1 x line

8, 16 Ohms, 30W

Power Consumption 
200 W


Dim (W x H x D) 
11,4 x 9 x 18,5 in (29 x 23 x 47 cm)

69 lbs (31.5 kg)

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