FIT - Five Inch Tower

FIT front neu 1000x1000 2.jpg
FIT front neu 1000x1000 2.jpg

FIT - Five Inch Tower

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A new entry-level system from Voxativ - The Five-inch Tower

This is a backloaded horn designed with our Acoustic Stealth Technology® inside.  Open on the bottom. Inside you find our tiny little 5" AF-1n driver that has the perfect Qts for this type of speaker. Wooden phase plugs are a special extra for free. Upgrades to AF-2.6 drivers are possible on request and recommended to play with an additional Z-Bass unit. 

Originally planned as a DIY kit, we decided to put all the finishing touches ourselves to ensure high-quality performance. It’s made from a dark wood with a hand-oiled surface. Terminals and internal cabling is in original Voxativ quality. These speakers were the star on our Stockholm show in February 2018. 

They have a wonderful balanced sound and clean bass. The efficiency is 94dB with the AF-1n driver. 

Technical Data

Frequency Response
40 - 20.000 Hz

VOXATIV AF-1n or AF-2.6

= 92 / 95,0 dB / 2,83V / 1 m

= 94,0 / 99,0 dB / 2,83V / 1 m

50 W sinus

Dimensions (W x H x D)
20 x 90 x 25 cm / 10 x 37 x 12 "


20 kg / 40 lbs each

(Note: pricing is for a selected pair of speakers)

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