π X π =  BEAUTY + BASS

Pi Monitor comp

This hybrid active system combines the pure beauty of our passive second generation Pi (π) Monitor...

Bass_Extension_black_schräg_front mit Schild.jpg

... with the mighty Pi-Bass ~ A fully active dipole woofer module powered by a 250 W Class A/B amplifier.

Linear down to 20 Hz optimized with our proprietary Acoustic Stealth Technology®.

Pi-Bass controls comp.gif

Pi-Bass offers full crossover controls allowing for seamless room integration.

Driving the upper Pi monitors with speaker level output allows the Pi-Bass module to accept line-level pre-amp RCA outputs from an integrated amp like our T-211.


Acoustic Stealth Technology

Both the Pi and Pi-Bass cabinetry are optimized using AST® – our proprietary housing design that dampens unwanted reflections.

Steve Hoffman loves Voxativ

"The Voxativ 9.87 is King. Everything else ain't."



Stereophile RMAF15 Jason Victor Serinus

"This truly superior system excelled in communicating the life and beating heart behind the notes."

~ Jason Victor Serinus, Stereophile


"On my list of speaker hotties I'd most like to keep around, Voxativ's 9.87 system enters a tight secret group..."

Srajan Ebaen, 6 Moons






The 9.87 IN DETAIL

from 39,900.00

Anyone who thinks a single-driver loudspeaker lacks low-frequency delivery has simply never experienced our award-winning 9.87 System.

This modular hybrid active system consists of two units coupled together to perform seamlessly as one.

  • On top is our acclaimed second-gen passive Pi monitor that can be ordered with drivers of your choice.
  • On the bottom is the mighty Pi-Bass. A woofer extension system that combines the Ripol® speaker design philosophy with our proprietary Acoustic Stealth Technology®. The result is a fully open system that moves close to zero air volume allowing for free placement within a room.

    The lower Pi-Bass module is equipped with 2 x 96dB neodymium woofers each (=99dB). These woofers are extremely fast and are driven by a 250W class A/B plate amp tuned by our electronics team. 

Given this unique combination, this system runs semi-active in that the Pi monitors on top need no crossover and are fed directly from the high-level speaker cable taps from a complimentary amplifier like our Voxativ T-211 Integrated (the perfect pairing).

The bottom Pi-Bass woofer module has it's own amplifier and can be driven up to an onboard crossover setting of 120 Hz (recommended) with a full range of EQ to blend into any room.

We suggest a line-level RCA connection from your preamp to the Pi-Bass for highest fidelity (although a high-level speaker cable connection is also possible.)

The result is the most powerful full-range system the industry has ever experienced linear down to 20Hz in low-frequency slam.



Frequency Response
20 - 20.000 Hz

VOXATIV AC-PiFe or others

Efficiency max.
110 dB / 1W / 1 m

50 W sinus

Dimensions (W x H x D)
16 x 47 x 16" (40x120x40cm)

Piano Finish, white or black

150 lbs (67kg)