When is a box not a box?


Was ist A.S.T® ?

Taming the sonic shrew

When our speaker cabinets and component chassis are designed using AST®, the internal acoustic reflections and standing waves that cause audible distortions are tamed using our proprietary application of mathematically dampened dimensions and surfaces.




Acoustic Stealth Technology

Pure listening isn't a slogan, it's our design objective.

Such impurity leads to incoherency and poor timing that are then experienced as a loss of resolution. 

For us, pure listening is not just a slogan, it is our universal design and engineering objective – inside and out.

Pyotr Umistev

The father of stealth technology

The Russian scientist Piotr Ufimtsev invented the original stealth fighter in the 1950's. The only problem was it did not fly.

In the late 70's American scientists made the technology work with computer help. The stealth fighter had been created and was invisible for radar waves.

In the 90's Voxativ transferred this non-reflecting technology into the musical band to optimize housing resonances. Acoustic Stealth Technology was born.