Voxativ Absolut Hagen Does Dallas by Christopher Owens

The very first retailer to display a live Absolut Hagen system in a public showroom happens to be — Deep Ellum Denim. An exclusive dealer of premium denim from Japan now has a premium sound system from Berlin.

The store is open Fri-Sun and anyone is welcome to come in and listen. To demonstrate the system’s pure plug+play simplicity, music is streamed via bluetooth from the smartphones of the associates on staff.


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Voxativ brings David & Goliath systems to the High End Munich 2019 by Christopher Owens

At the annual HIGH-END show in Munich this week, Voxativ GmbH will be presenting a tale of two systems on opposing walls that represent the fringes of the Berlin-based family of handmade full-range systems.

In one corner will be the new all-in-one €7,900 giant killer, Absolut Hagen system, consisting of Hagen 5” full-range monitors, integrated Absolut Box with wireless DAC/Custom DSP and speaker cable. With the factory-configured DSP in play, these small but mighty horn-load monitors reach down to a surprising 45Hz for a linear low-frequency response. Simply connect wirelessly via a smartphone, and the millions of songs available digitally from around the world come to life in an engaging new way. With a system like this, no tweaks are necessary - just plug and play.

On the other extreme, reigns the iconic Ampeggio Due making its unbridled return to Munich outfitted with the newest version of the AC-XHB hybrid field-coil driver sporting leather surrounds, paper cone enhancements and N2 battery power stores. Driving the Due will be the Voxativ T211 SET Integrated paired with streaming music via the Swiss-engineered Medua DAC + matching MAN-301 server from Weiss Engineering. Altogether, this Goliath of a system retails for €140,000.

This diverse range of Voxativ-quality systems demonstrates the extremes that Voxativ goes to provide pure listening experiences to the broadest range of music lovers.

For more info, please visit the international Voxativ team at The HIGH END, MOC München, Atrium 4.2, Room E222.


First AXPONA impression of Absolut Hagen by Jason Victor Serinus for Stereophile by Christopher Owens

Absolute Hagen AXPONA 2019 Stereophile

Voxativ's deceptively simple-looking Absolut Hagen System ($7900 with Voxativ speaker cables), which consists of a Voxativ Absolut Box 30Wpc class-AB integrated amp, complete with custom DAC with DSP, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth aptX, and a pair of Voxativ Hagen single-driver loudspeakers, took advantage of a Samsung S10 Android phone to stream music wirelessly from Qobuz via aptX Bluetooth. The Absolut Hagen System, which used optional Synergistic Research cabling in the demo, can stream files up to 24/192. Thanks to built-in DSP, it is claimed to descend flat to 45Hz. 

Surprisingly, the system's sound on Ane Brun's "Halo" was very smooth, warm, and much nicer than I had expected. Even more astonishing was the wonderful sound on Musica Nuda's cover of The Beatles' "Come Together." If I wasn't taken by the first selection I heard, soprano Anna Netrebko's performance of Puccini's "O mio babbino caro"—the aria I whistled as "The Voice of Woodstock" in the Emmy-nominated Peanuts cartoon, She's a Good Skate, Charlie Brown—it's mainly because her grand diva approach is all wrong for the music. Granted, her A-flats were glorious, but the singing lacked steadiness and sounded a bit dowdy lower in the range. Happily, the sound on the other selections was so good that Netrebko's missteps soon passed me by.

I can't believe it. I ended the show listening to a classic by The Beatles. As tired as I was, I left the Voxativ room remembering dancing to The Beatles in the basement of Amherst College's Alpha Theta Xi, and realizing how much happier I am now than then. I can't attribute that entirely to great music, but it sure has played an important part in my transformation. 

Here's to many more decades of great sound. May the joy be with you.

Read JSV’s first impression of our new Absolut Hagen System from AXPONA19

An early preview of Hagen Absolut at NDHT Hamburg Show by Christopher Owens

The intrepid John Darko attended the recent Hamburg show and was one of the first to experience a prototype of this new system approach (working title was Hagen Digital - referring to the DAC/DSP in the Class AB amp enclosure - now launched bundled with Hagen monitors as Hagen Absolut.) We also have plans for a Zeth Absolut. More details to come — with an MSRP of USD$7900 for Hagen Absolut. Check out John’s video below, read more on his fine online magazine:

We are also building out a page on this site (click below)