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The Hagen Absolut system consists of two handcrafted components:
A set of Voxativ Hagen monitors with modified Voxativ AF-1n drivers
and a Voxativ Absolut Box (DAC/Amp with DSP optimized for Hagen)

Input section:
ChromeCast Audio embedded (compatible as a ROON endpoint)
Bluetooth APTX
Analog (ie, for Phono stage, other source, etc)

Output section:
Speaker taps
Preamp Analog RCA out (for active subwoofer or tube amp)

Inside the Voxativ Absolut Box electronics:
Custom DSP dir assigned for specific Voxativ speakers (Hagen now, soon FIT and Zeth)
DAC with Voxativ quality customized architecture
2X20 Watt Class A/B amplifier in Voxativ quality 
ChromeCast module for direct streaming (Tidal, Qobuz, ROON access over Wifi)
Remote Control for volume
Switching power supply with automatic 115/230V selection

Inside the Hagen speakers:
Voxativ AF-1n drivers, modified version

It’s pure plug+play listening with any smart phone or computer for streaming or analog input for one other source. The embedded ChromeCast audio module allows for direct streaming over WifI via Qobuz, Tidal, Spotify in the highest quality (ROON Endpoint compatible).

With our custom approach to the DSP, we can realize huge bass output from a simple set of horn-loaded, full-range monitors. In this case, Hagen plays linear down to 40Hz. No sub needed (although it’s your choice). An Absolut system is the perfect pairing of electronics and loudspeaker in one Voxativ quality package.

As a luxury power version we do offer the Hagen Absolut System with a pair of AF-2.6 drivers and one Voxativ Z-Bass woofer in a bundle.

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PRODUCT LEAD TIMES // Upon payment, products are then assembled and packed with a typical lead time of 10 days for drivers, and 2 weeks for loudspeakers and field coil drivers.