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(Note: All Bass Modules are sold as individual units, for a stereo pair enter a quantity of 2)

Say goodbye to subwoofer bloat, and hello to pure bass.

Reintroducing the wonderful Voxativ PI-Bass, the big brother of our famous Z Bass.

Simply the fastest, tightest, most coherent way to deliver articulate bass to your smaller listening room.

By developing the PI-Bass system, we have combined the Ripol® idea with our Acoustic Stealth Technology® - AST®. The result is a completely open system that has to move nearly zero air volume. Voxativ PI-Bass is equipped with 2 x 96dB drivers = 99dB.

This woofers do have a very low moving mass, a strong Neodymium motor and are extremely fast – as fast as Voxativ widebanders. The result is a powerful bass down to 20 Hz.

The PI-Bass woofer system is active and driven by a 200W class A/B plate amp. It has it's own adjustable crossover. We recommend a line connection to this system. High level entry is also possible.
So the only thing you need to drive the woofer system is a speaker connector or preamp out or alternatively high level connection.

All features like: Level, crossover frequency and phase adjustments are implemented for the perfect adaption to every existing stereo system.
We recommend a pair of these if used as bass extension.

Of course this woofer system fits all the smaller Voxativ loudspeaker systems.

Technical Data

Frequency Response
20 - 200 Hz


Efficiency max.
99 dB / 1W / 1 m

200 W sinus

Dimensions (W x H x D)
15 x 18 x 12" (38x46x30cm)

Piano Finish, white or black

85 lbs (38kg)

(Note: All Bass Modules are sold as individual units, for a stereo pair enter a quantity of 2)

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PRODUCT LEAD TIMES // Upon payment, products are then assembled and packed with a typical lead time of 10 days for drivers, and 2 weeks for loudspeakers and field coil drivers.