Ampeggio Preamp

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preamp_front 1100.jpg
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Ampeggio Preamp


The music maker: Voxativ Ampeggio Preamp. 
A perfect partner for all tube and solid state power amps.

Our chief engineer did develop a fast and complete noise-free circuit that is extremely dynamic and perfectly made to fit Voxativ mono blocks and all other amplifiers, even solid state. A sonic revelation with a separate power supply and special tubes.

Inside of this preamp Voxativ is using a solid state rectification, no chokes and a complete regulation of all voltages with tubes. The musical way though this preamp is designed without any components except the output capacitors by Mundorf. Your music signal is transported by silver wires.

There is no potentiometer inside. An attenuator with motor driven infrared remote control does the job and switches in 46 steps between 46 high end resistors. The benefit: Extreme resolution and crystal clear music.

Also implemented: An excellent tube based MC phono stage. This was realized with 4 tubes and Lundahl MC step-up transformers. To keep the preamp completely noise free in MC position the power supply is put in an extra box. No noise. No hum. Never.

This is no preamp that is smoothing up everything. It is an extreme dynamic machine that loves details and brings out the most emotional musical experience. 

Also: Lots of other tube amplifiers do have problems to stay noise free with 100 dB speakers. Not this one nor the matching monoblocs.

Handmade by the team of Voxativ in Fulda/Germany.

Technical data

Frequency Response
10 - 50.000 Hz                              

Signal to Noise Ratio
100 dB

0,1 %

Siemens, JJ, RCA

Input Sensitivity  100 kOhms

3 x line, 1 x phono MC

2 x Pre Out

Power Consumption 
150 W


Dim (W x H x D) 
17 x 10 x 19" (43 x 25 x 47 cm)

20 lbs (9 kg), power supply 15 lbs (7kg)

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