N5 - Tube Power supply

N5 neu 1100.jpg
N5 neu 1100.jpg

N5 - Tube Power supply


Voxativ power supply units are a perfect match to all devices that need an ultra clean DC voltage.

In this unit the voltage is delivered by a 10 rectifier tubes. The voltage is flexible and stabilized between 10 and 20V on 0.5V steps.

Fieldcoil drivers and all kinds of DAC, rooters or NAS systems increase intensively in sound if the switching power supply is replaced by an analog based instrument.

Furthermore, the Voxativ power supply provides your high fidelity system from being infected with disturbing signals.

The matching DC Cabling
This cable has an incredible influence on the Fieldcoil sound quality. We use a shielded solid core conductor combination that insures lossless power transmission. 90 degree Neutrick 4-pin XLR connectors with gold plated contacts on the driver side and 180 degree Neutrick plugs for the power supply side are installed.

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PRODUCT LEAD TIMES // Upon payment, products are then assembled and packed with a typical lead time of 10 days for drivers, and 2 weeks for loudspeakers and field coil drivers.