Julie Mullins' (The Absolute Sound) impressions of the new T805 Integrated, Munich 2018 by Christopher Owens

"Coinciding with the Berlin-based company’s tenth anniversary, the new Voxativ T805 integrated amp ($29,880) delivers 30Wpc—three times the power of the prior T211 integrated, whose chassis is still employed here. Other improvements include a redesigned 12AX7 tube approach, a new (outboard) power supply, and a more powerful driver stage; the KT66 in the driver stage is a pentode but runs in triode mode. Unsurprisingly the T805 proved to be a perfect match for the high-efficiency Voxativ 9.87 speaker system, where music was reproduced with lively yet effortless dynamics, fast and exciting attacks, and plenty of bloom and detail. Digital source was a Weiss Medus DAC with Weiss MAN 301 server." - Julie Mullins, TAS, May 2018