Jonathan Valin reviews our 9.87 System in his "Cutting Edge" column (TAS, 289) by Christopher Owens

For those of you who are avid readers of The Absolute Sound, you may have already noticed that in this month’s Issue 289, Jonathan Valin has published a comprehensive review of our 9.87 System in his Cutting Edge column. Please support TAS by purchasing the entire printed issue at your nearest store or download a digital edition here: http://www.nextnewsstand.com/products/the-absolute-sound/tas-289/

(NOTE: The TAS cover depicted below is a creative interpretation — #VoxativStyle)

Munich High End 2016: Loudspeakers $20k and Up by Christopher Owens

"Voxativ showed its €88k Ampeggio Due single-driver speaker, which I've very much liked at previous shows, and very much liked again here. Driven by Voxativ electronics and Totaldac digital (no analog), the Due sounded exceedingly lovely on guitar, voice, drumkit, and bass. This really is the most remarkable single-driver speaker I’ve heard when it comes to full frequency response (with a particularly rich power range) and lifelike transient speed, and, like the tiny Bonsai, came very close to being a BOS simply because of the triumphant coherence of its single-driver sound."

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RMAF 2017: Voxativ single-minded in pursuit of great sound by Christopher Owens

"And, then there was that seamless presentation from the single drivers. The sound had considerable weight, impressive layering, excellent tempo and polished highs, although I had to focus hard in my mind to analyze the separate frequency bands, since the music was emerging as a whole. There, in a nutshell, was what I’ll call the Voxativ Effect." – John Stancavage, PTA

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